Join the East Boston Yacht Club

Good News! The EBYC is currently accepting new members.

In order to become a member please contact us to obtain an application. All applicants must be sponsored by three current club members.

Membership Costs are as follows:

  • Member Initiation Fee is $650
  • Annual Membership Dues are $250
  • Annual Chit Book is $100 and can be used to purchase items (drinks, food, EBYC apparel)
  • Slip fees are $15 per foot annually, includes boat storage (available based on seniority)
  • Boat insurance and Boston Harbor mooring permit are required.
  • Members are required to perform 12 hours of work
    • 6 hours are required before June 1 each year
    • Incomplete hours cost members $30 per hour
  • Locker rentals are $50 a year (available based on seniority)

Contact us to request to application!